Our Services

Custom Home Design

Caddworks has developed custom home designs for a wide variety of architectural styles, sizes and construction methodologies. The process may begin with merely spoken design criteria and objectives; or the Client may have already sketched a conceptual design and assembled photographic design examples from magazines. Often times our Clients have purchased plans from a plan library services that require significant modifications in design, code compliance and construction methodology.

Whatever the starting point , Caddworks will “coach” the process of a custom home design through several stages; beginning with relatively simple drawings, then systematically developing the design and drawings until a constructible set of drawings reflecting the Clients' objectives is achieved.

The Process

Initial Meeting:

  • Schedule an initial consultation (complimentary)
  • Discuss design objectives: architectural style, desired features, required rooms and room-sizes, relationships of spaces, site features/constraints, anticipated budget, square footage limits, etc.
  • Review Client sketches, photographic examples, site plan, etc.
  • Discuss known key materials to be incorporated (interior and exterior)
  • Establish desired ceiling heights, discuss desire ceiling features
  • Determine construction methodology; conventional vs. use of alternative building systems; “stick” framing vs. pre-engineered truss and joist framing, etc.
  • Establish a general time-line/schedule


  • Based on the initial meeting, Caddworks will develop a proposal, acknowledging the objectives of the project, outlining the scope of work to be performed, and establishing a fee structure.
  • Upon acceptance of the proposal, an initial payment (normally 30% of the total projected fee) is requested to schedule and commence with the design process.

Design Development

  • Caddworks will develop an initial set of drawings called Preliminary Drawings. This is typically accomplished as a collaboration between the Project Manager and the Draftsman assigned to the project. The goal of the initial preliminary drawings is to develop the basic floor plan and key elevation(s) by creatively interpretting the design criteria and objectives. Typical Initial Preliminary Drawings will include a First Floor Plan, Second Floor Plan (if applicable), and Front Elevation in a simple format.
  • The Initial Preliminary Drawings are presented to the Client for review. A progress meeting is scheduled to resolve design issues, explore options, and to further clarify criteria and objectives.
  • The Preliminary Drawings are then futher-developed to incorporate the agreed-upon revisions. Typical Refined Preliminary Drawings will include Side and Rear Elevations, as well as a Basement Plan.

Pricing Drawings

  • The goal of the Pricing Drawings stage is to establish a drawing set that has an appropriate amount of information for a builder to generate cost information. Depending on the complexity of the design, whether the project will be negotiated with a single builder or bid to several builders, and whether the objective is to obtain ball-park pricing vs. detailed pricing, the extensiveness of drawings, details and specification included in the Pricing Drawings will vary. This Client-objective will have been discussed during the Initial Meeting and considered in Caddworks proposed fee
  • Determinations on key finish materials (interior and exterior) and construction materials (i.e. conventional framings vs. pre-engineered truss and joist framing are conveyed in the drawings for this phase as well.
  • Completed Pricing Drawings are approved by the Owner, and then distributed to the prospective Builder(s) to obtain the desired pricing information and/or bids.
  • The Pricing Drawings also serve to initiate the services of a Structural Engineer to assist in making structural determinations that are not readily defined within the Building Code. Such items can include determination of point loads, design of long-span beams, wind load calculations and corner bracing details, foundation design and design of structural slabs and retaining walls. On more elaborate designs, Caddworks and the Client may elect to engage the engineer to provide a separate set of engineered drawings including detailed framing plans.

Permit Drawings

  • Permit drawings are prepared once the Client has received suitable confirmation from the Builder(s) that the project is within the budget. Revisions based on feedback from the builder regarding cost, construction methodology/materials, or alternate design suggestions are incorporated prior to finalizing the drawing set.
  • Additional refinements to the Permit drawings include complete dimensioning, more-comprehensive noting, additional cross-sections, and resolving/detailing structural issues with the structural engineer and is some cases, detailed framing plans,
  • Multiple copies of the completed Permit Drawings are “stamped” by the Structural Engineer; and the drawings are issued to the Client and/or Builder for building permit application, submission to subcontractors, and ultimately to begin the construction process.
  • Depending on the nature of the project and its participants, Caddworks may provide more enhanced drawings to assist in additional documentation of the Clients' objectives during construction.

Optional Drawings (Enhanced Drawing Set)

Depending on the scope of the project, Caddworks will provide design assistance, drawings, and details that are not “essential” for building permit retrieval. Such services will further document and define special details and features to be included in the home. These design/drawing components can be either be provided during the Pricing Stage for more accurate pricing, can be generated while processing the permit application, or can be provided on an as-needed basis following the start of construction:

  • Interior elevations
  • Finish detailing and specifications
  • Cabinetry design and detailing
  • Lighting and electrical layout drawings
  • Deck, patio or landscape design drawings
  • Additional features such as detached garages, gazebos, swimming pools


Normally, once the building permit has been received, Caddworks “passes the baton” to the Building Contractor. Caddworks does not provide “Construction Administration” services; but occasionally we may be engaged to participate in construction progress meetings with the Builder and or Client to assist in resolving issues as they occur. Additional detailing for special interior features, lighting design or field changes is sometimes requested after the start of construction; once special needs have been clearly identified.

Our company objective is to maintain a strong reputation for “listening” to and communicating well with our clients; providing appropriate, creative design solutions that recognize the clients' objectives; and preparing dependable, “buildable” permit/construction drawings; all while maintaining competitive fees for our work.