About Our Home Plan Library

Caddworks is developing our “plan library” which offers pre-established home designs that can be “custom-tailored” to the Clients' design objectives and site constraints. This program offers a cost-effective alternative to designing a home “from scratch.”

The plan sets are available at a fixed price, plus a fee to perform the revisions and embellishments necessary to create a site-specific set of plans. At this time, we are not offering these plans for direct sale; but offering the plans in conjunction with providing site-specific permit drawings for individual projects.

As we methodically post the available plans on our website, keep in mind there are additional home plans that do not yet appear on our website. If you are interested in this program, please contact us by email or phone, or complete the inquiry form in the “Contact Us” portion of the website; including basic criteria, so we can determine if there is an appropriate plan in our archives that serves as a good starting point for your specific project.